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Legal Notice

Duty to inform according to §5 E-Commerce Act, §14 Austrian Commercial Code, §63 Trade Regulation Act and duty of disclosure according to §25 Media Act.

PLC Europe is a part of the association “Christliches Gesundheitswerk” which in turn is part of the world wide organization Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement Church.

Registration in the register of associations.
ZVR number: 670356755

Authorized representatives:
Chairman: Csongor Matyas
Vice Chairman: Fabian Hickl
Secretary: Branislav Sarcevic
Treasurer: Vojislav Sarcevic
Adviser: Alexander Pausch

Tavernstraße 19, 4493 Wolfern
Phone: +43 7253 20034

Purpose of the association:
Sharing information about the Christian faith and health topics.

German Version of the legal notice of the “Christliches Gesundheitswerk”.