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Accelerated Evangelism Program

25 August – 21 December, 2024
Wolfern, Austria


Plymouth Leadership College is dedicated to preparing disciples who will go into the world and share their personal experience in the everlasting gospel. With this in mind, PLC will be holding another Accelerated Evangelism Program at our campus in Europe (Austria). Those who attend will come apart from their regular lives to dedicate themselves to a deep study of the Word. Over four months, with a variety of different instructors, these students will learn of the Word and how to share it with others. Then, with the support of the four local churches in the area they will get a chance to start putting their new skills in sharing the Word to use while in the program. When concluded, students will be able to go back to their communities, their workplaces, their families, their churches, and their schools, better equipped to give an answer for their faith. They will not only share their testimony but also be empowered to prepare new disciples themselves.

If you want to be better equipped to be a disciple of Christ, to be able to share the good news of salvation, then this course is for you. As a discipleship program you will gain a deep knowledge of the truth found in the Word as well as skills in public speaking, personal witnessing, giving personal studies to others, and using modern technology to share the gospel. PLC is dedicated to preparing disciples such as you, so that you will go out and finish the great Gospel Commission given to us by the Master Teacher.

“With such an army of workers as our youth, rightly trained, might furnish, how soon the message of a crucified, risen, and soon-coming Saviour might be carried to the whole world!”—Ellen G. White, Education, p. 271

“The greatest want of the world is the want of men and women—who will not be bought or sold, who in their inmost souls are true and honest, who do not fear to call sin by its right name, whose conscience is as true to duty as the needle to the pole, who will stand for truth though the heavens fall.”

Ellen G. White


Below is the outline of the schedule for the Accelerated Evangelism Program. You will notice that there is a morning and afternoon session. The morning session runs from 9am to 1pm and the afternoon session from 2pm to 5pm. Every other week students have the afternoon session free for the development of their practical skills and will have a chance to get training in different skills that might interest them. Every Wednesday evening students will participate in prayer meetings in different locations.

Students need to arrive no later than Friday, 23 August, 2024 to be ready for the start of classes. The nearest airport for travel to the program is the Vienna International Airport (VIE) or Munich International Airport (MUC). The program concludes on Friday, 20 December, 2024, and the Graduation Ceremony will be held on the Sabbath 21 December, 2024. Students may plan to depart any time after the Graduation Ceremony. 

Week 1 | Aug. 25-30

AM – Bibliology (1) – Pr. D. Zic

PM – Evangelism in Practice – Pr. D. Balbach
Week 2 | Sept. 1-6

AM – Bibliology (2) – Pr. D. Zic

PM – free time for practical application
Week 3 | Sept. 8-13

AM – Systematic Theology – Pr. R. Ionita

PM – Media Ministry – Isaac Senior
Week 4 | Sept. 15-20

AM – Introduction to Homiletics – Pr. J. Chapman

PM – free time for practical skills application

Week 5 | Sep. 22-27

AM – Soteriological Principles  – Pr. J. Cruz

PM Homiletics Presentations & free time for practical skills application

Week 6 | Sep. 29 - Oct. 4

AM – The Health Evangelist – Milan Lasica.

PM – free time for practical skills application

Week 7 | OCT. 6-11

AM – Theology Proper ( Christology, Pneumatology)-  Pr. D. Zic

PM – Medical Ministry (Anatomy & Physiology)  – Pr. J. Baer

Week 8 Oct. 13-18

AMChristian Counselling and Christian Ethics – Pr. D. Zic

PM – The Sanctuary Message – Pr. D. Burca 

Week 9 | Oct. 20-25

Mid-term Break

Week 10 | OCT. 27-Nov. 1

AM – Ecclesiology – Pr. W. Lukic

PM – Eschatology (1) – Pr. S. Muresan

Week 11 | Nov. 3-8

AM – Sabbath School Ministry  – Pr. D. Zic

PM – free time for practical skills application

Week 12 | Nov. 10-15

AM – Gospel Workers 1 – Pr. C. Matyas

PM – Anthropology & Social Theology – Pr. D. Zic

Week 13 | Nov. 17-22

AM – Gospel Workers 2 – Pr. C. Matyas

PM – free time for practical skills application

Week 14 | Nov. 24-29

AM – Historical Progress of God’s People  –  Pr. D. Zic

PM -Practical Ecclesiology – R. Gessner

Week 15 | Dec. 1-6

AM – Eschatology (2) – Pr. F. Hickl

PM – Apologetics & Other Religious Groups – Pr. D. Lopez

Week 16 | Dec. 8-13

AM – Youth Ministry – Pr. A. Finaru

PM – free time for practical skills application

Week 17 | Dec. 15-20

AM – Eschatology (3) – Pr. D. Zic.

PM – Defense of Final Papers – Pr. C. Matyas

FInal COncert


The full cost for the entire duration of the course is 3,500. The price includes food and accommodation. There is no cost for an application to the program. After your application has been accepted, you will be notified of that fact. Payment in full for the program is due BEFORE you can begin taking classes. Accommodation on campus is available, but not unlimited, and will be given on a first applied, first accommodated basis.

Can't make it to this PLC On-Campus program?